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Stainless and Aluminium 25mm Deck Base Sockets 90 Degrees and Sloped and some for fitting over a Toe Rail. Beneteau 323 stanchion Firefly211 1 Sep 2013 1 Sep 2013 #1 Firefly211 Member Joined 7 Oct 2010 Messages 120 Location North Wales Feeling sick as I have just bent a stanchion med mooring in a cross wind. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. After they bent the 2nd one, I put it on the 3 & 4 positions and check for plumb then had them adjust the bends to make them all inboard. With reliable shaft drive Cummins propulsion, full beam master stateroom, tons of storage & ample lounging areas you are perfectly equipped for your future adventure. Like this forum someone has always been there, done that! Rig-Rite, Inc. See also: Metric SS Stanchion Bases, An electric winch and a beautiful day once again from 75 in the air. Typically I just have a wood dowel ~7/8 that I hammer in to preserve the shape and then bend back in a large vice with . helisa New Member. This is a stanchion base on a major production sailboat that was only two years old. As used on some Beneteau 390, and others. In general, it is a good idea to re-seal and inspect your stanchion bases every 5 years or so depending on geographical region and use of course. it sounds like there's not much to do (except re-seat them, which I need to do anyway) . Plates. Stainless steel stemhead fitting with twin bronze rollers, one roller designed to stow a S160 spade anchor. :), You didn't ask for the size of the socket. You can get reduced shank, twist bits sometimes referred to as "Blacksmith's". Gary Haynes Yacht Sales Manager Horizon Yacht Sales, Grenada Mobile: +1 473-415-0431 E-Mail: Show More Looking at the offering and the OP's photo the unit will need to be modified to fit. 1 905 945 2579. Be sure to ask us about additional tips n tricks on making repairs and installing stanchion bases properly. I'd check the underside and plan to reinforce the bolt/nut on the inside. . The stanchion and rope or belt combo is a broader category of crowd control equipment that's typically broken down by retail, hospitality, and event applications and construction projects. Special 25mm OD Tapered SS Stanchion has standard, Special 25mm OD Tapered SS Stanchions with, 25mm OD Tapered SS Stanchion Gate assembly has standard. The best technical support at Vela Sailing Store. C&C Landfall Stanchion Base Klacko Marine is offering members of the Landfall Community reserved stock on our OEM Alloy Stanchion Bases and 1 C&C Stanchions. What I am not clear on after I take lifelines off and the set screw will it just come off the base and easy swap. Thanks all! You might need to isolate the new stainless stanchion bases from the aluminium toe rail - but that's the easy part. Stainless steel bow and stern mooring cleats? Location: Fort Lauderdale Florida. Garhauer Ss Stanchion Blocks Sb-3 Fits 1 Stanchions Sheave 26mm. Have you tried a Beneteau dealer. With a helper again on deck to prevent the bolts from turning, tighten the nuts home one by one. Come join the discussion about sailing, modifications, classifieds, troubleshooting, repairs, reviews, maintenance, and more! Special Beneteau 25mm OD Tapered SS Stanchion has standard Barrel Top with upper hole at 25" ( 635mm ), Intermediate hole has Rolled SS Ferrule at 12" ( 305mm) from the bottom. It is ideal for sailboat and powerboat railings. I'd also tap the toe rail so that the new stanchion base is secured to something structural (assuming that the toe rail secures deck to hull). Phone NumberWe collect this information so we can contact you when the order is ready. i think i would remove the stantion then remove the toerail and sand off the gelcoat where it is crazed,do a close inspection of the fiberglass underneath then reapply the gelcoat,i wouldn't worry about the texured nonskid near the base,don't forget to rebed the toerail screws and stantion base,i doubt the toerail has nuts underneath,or you could just rebed and retighten the stantion and watch for leaks inside, btw there is a technigue to restore the texured nonskid it involves using a special material that shapes the gelcoat before it hardens. VerticalScope Inc., 111 Peter Street, Suite 600, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada. Order Stanchion Posts & Ropes Online | Low Prices, Ships Fast Crowd Control, Traffic and Safety Products (877) 885-1600 Mon-Fri 7AM to 6PM CST In your cart: 0 $0.00 Belt Barriers Barricades Classic Stanchions and Ropes Wall Mounted Belt Barriers Plastic Stanchion Posts and Chains Signage Traffic Control New Products The boat is a quite large Tayana 55 It turns out that the lower shroud tang has cracked! Unfortunately, stanchion bases are also a major reason for soft decks. BEN/002877 Brand Beneteau List Price: Special Order Product code: BEN/002877 UPC/EAN: 303759 Add to Cart Delivery Options: Pickup In-Store Only Product Information Store Inventory SKU: 303759 You may be interested in Special Order << return to products 51' Beneteau 2018 Yacht/Sailboat. Aluminium Toe Rail Stanchion Base . Yachts Heavy Duty Stanchion Deck Socket Base , 90 Degrees Suitable for 25.0 to 25.4mm Diameter Tube. contact us. On this one . I'd like to bend them, but with them bolted in two places to the deck, it does not seem worth it. 1 Aluminum. This means that every time you visit this website you will need to enable or disable cookies again. (maximum) 4" long x 2 3/4" wide x 2" high with black epoxy finish. IIRC, I moved the first one to the other three mounts, then checked lean-out with the plumb-bob. 1 post / 0 new . You can find out more about which cookies we are using or switch them off in settings. Too many login attempts. But I'd look at buying already made stanchion bases first - much easier and quicker. 70.00. Stormsailor: Construction, Maintenance & Refit: 2: 11-04-2013 12:21: Stanchion base . Stanchions, unless otherwise noted. Beneteau Oceanis 405M. Stuttgarter str. We (at The Rigging Co.) tend to think this is because of the long fulcrum that isnaturallycreated by the stanchion, breaking the seal under the base. Stanchion Base, Bolted On Rail Beneteau Special Order. You do not have permission to delete messages in this group, Either email addresses are anonymous for this group or you need the view member email addresses permission to view the original message. We collect this information so we can contact you when the order is ready. for US Continental orders over $99click for details. Some of them are not easy to access though. The Carver C52 Coupe is the perfect owner operator cruising yacht made for comfort and functionality in a striking and bold package. Ordering/Questionsp, Metric (25mm) SS Lifeline View pictures & full details of OCTO, a Cruiser built in 1994 by Beneteau Oceanis 405M and available for sale. . The hull deck join may or may not have been damaged, depending on what kind of impact and how strong an impact caused the damage at the stanchion base. Can you email us a picture of what type of base that you have and how many that you need? I don't like the design having a stanchion base partially supported by the toerail, and would expect marks like that from pulling on the lifelines. Sailing Yachts: For Sale: 2003 Beneteau Oceanis 36 CC Swansea Swansea. Don't use the angle grinder on the deck - the dust will impact the deck and embed at high velocity and will cause corrosion which will be a devil to remove. JavaScript is disabled. Looking for advise I bent port side curved stanchion (please don't ask made a rookie mistake). Most of the movement comes from the stanchion tube to base fit and the single allen bolt attachment as the bolt threads into the base and not through it. Great Savings & Free Delivery / Collection on many items, Dealer of Bavaria Yachts, Contest Yachts and C&C Parts. If you disable this cookie, we will not be able to save your preferences. Use a hole saw? Look closelyfor countersunk screws inside the cabinets going up into some of the trim pieces. I'm grateful for your insight. remove the stanchion, cut a slot big enough to push a piece of backing material through. You would get them from any tool shop. Supported stanchions are standard on ocean boats like Pogos, SunFasts, and the Figaro 3. polished Type 316 Stainless Steel tube. Stanchion Fittings. Have been sailing an S2 8.0b for years (awesome boat) and have just moved up to a Beneteau 361 - I have a lot to learn about the bigger boat with more systems to be maintained. I may even go, Read More Which Boom Furler is the Best?Continue, at and we have recently moved to a new location!! Please leave us a comment if you have any questions or concerns. Bummer. You just have to remove the top deck over the cabinets. Grateful for any help. Stanchion Bases, and Published Feb 18, 2023. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Cast aluminum Base is 3 1/2" (90mm) long x 1 7/8" (47mm) wide x 2 3/4" (70mm) high with clear anodized finish. Beneteau 331 Deale, MD Dec 11, 2020 #6 Assuming they are like those on the 331, the stanchion, which is 25mm at the bottom, fits over a post on the base and is secured there with a single horizontal screw. So take your time and double, triple check everything in order to keep from having to go aloft, or worse, having to re-step the mast once the mast has been stepped. This is crucial to ensuring a good seal as the base and deck are constantly being worked and tweaked (trying to break the seal) anytime the life line is loaded. 1500.00. BVI Yacht Sales, Nanny Cay, VG1110, De Britiske Jomfruer. 1973 Cape Dory Stanchion Stainless 18 Pair W Safety Lines. Thanks for taking a, Just over a week ago, the Americas Cup teams took it back to the water on their AC 45s as the AC World Series continued in beautiful Naples Italy. 1-941-900-4510. Stanchion Base, for Toerail Slope 7 55 x 73mm Special Order. Find out more. . But I can not find Beneteau parts in Europe. They areresponsiblefor giving our boatslifelinesa foot to stand on so to speak. So far, the best design I have seen is one that avoids the stanchion base all together by glassing long tubes with drains into the deck. This is another reason I prefer cast stainless or aluminum stanchion bases as they do not flex like plate stainless does. I'm mostly worried about structural damage to the deck itself, or worse, the deck/hull joint. Thanks guys - all this insight is truly helpful. This is another reason I prefer cast stainless or aluminum stanchion bases as they do not flex like plate stainless does. And as a bonus..make sure those lifelines are secure! ~Stanchion base failure can translate into a major safetyissue. MAURIPRO Sailing offers a full range of sailboat and sailing information to help you find the correct sailboat part, one that properly would fit your sailboat and sailing style. then try your local Beneteau dealer. As always - thank you all so much. The stanchion is located almost exactly on the beam on the port side. Boats for sale: International > Beneteau. The design just doesnt seem very stable. | FREE SHIPPING! complete dimensions, including base footprint, hole spacing, and angle. Schaefer Marine single or double 1" (25mm) diameter stanchions are offered in both 24" and 26" versions and accept coated wire up to 5/16" (8mm) diameter. Custom SS Stanchion Bases moved to Maximum Outboard position Electric Halyard Winch ST7000 Auto Pilot + ST60 Raymarine Chart Plotter Immaculate Internal Timber Work VC Offshore Antifouling All Skin Fitting Faired into Hull Hydraulic Back Stay with remote cockpit mounted control Upgraded Sparcraft 47.7 Boom Tuff Luff Headsail Foil Mon, 20/02/2023 - 13:54 #1. simon forbes. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. I am conducting an aloft inspection for insurance. Aluminum Stanchion Bases, other I can find a lot of links to the US Beneteau dealer including some factory parts listings. Stanchion Base, Bolted On Rail Beneteau In Stock Yes Manufacturer Part No. They do not drill very deep, maybe 15mm (but maybe you can source ones that cut more deeply, so you might need to drill from both sides, and this might mean you need to drill one side, drill a pilot hole right through and then turn over. 760mm (30") stainless steel stanchions and bases with double stainless steel wire guardrails, mounted on bulwark. If a Find a Used 1990 Top Hat Yachts Top Hat 25 MKIIi Boat For Sale in New South Wales, as well as other Leisure boats online at Hi All, My Beneteau First 24 has these triangular stanchion bases (see picture) a couple of them need replacing but I can't find a stockist. Oyster 625: Pedigree Under Sail . Phone: (001) 401-739-1140 -- FAX: (001) 401-739-1149 Is the one at the bottom of this page the right size? Westy2: Deck hardware: Rigging, Sails & Hoisting: 4: 14-09-2013 01:31: Sealing stanchion base where pulpit is attached? They are often carbon steel but these appear to be HSS: You can buy drill bits that look like small versions of hole saws. Rig-Rite, Inc. location at anytime. Assuming they are like those on the 331, the stanchion, which is 25mm at the bottom, fits over a post on the base and is secured there with a single horizontal screw. I have bought them one at a time, I've not seen a set, and they come in a whole range of diameters. We use cookies to help provide you with the best possible online experience. For Backing Plates, See: Stanchion Base Backing Anchoring & Docking Electronics & Navigation Marine Equipment Sailing Equipment Sailing Gear By Brand Beneteau - Sailboat Data, Parts & Rigging Beneteau 25 Platu Beneteau 31 Beneteau 311 Beneteau 323 Beneteau 331 Beneteau 34 Beneteau 34.7 Beneteau 361 And/or also hang a plumb-bob from the upper stanchion eye (or the lifeline right at the stanchion). production yachts as well as some Canadian and US yachts. Has anybody ever removed the stanchion bases from a Beneteau 361? Goiot on Rigrite site in USA. Direct access to halyards lengths, recommended sail areas, mainsail cover styles, standing rigging fittings, and lots more for all cruising and racing sailboats. HIGH QUALITY HELLER HSS REDUCED SHANK DRILL BITS 10mm-25mm Blacksmith Iron Metal | eBay. Stanchion bases are an often forgotten about, yet important, portion of our boat. I don't see the stanchion wobble as being a problem. generaly they are mounted with machine type bolts and held by nuts underneath,sometimes these are accessable from inside near the gunnel,sometimes not,sometimes the nuts are glassed in place so you can tighten or remove the screws/bolts from above,if possible use a backing plate underneath even large stainless flat washers will do,be sure to use a sealer beneath the stantion,the craze cracks can be sanded and patched with gelcoat or a product called marinetec. Below youll see a few, When it comes to mainsail management systems, in-mast furlers appear to be losingpopularity with cruisers while boom furlers keep popping up on more boats. They might mean you would not need to duck as much when the boom swept across the deck on a tack or gybe. Shipping and discount codes are added at checkout. . Actually, we are now even closer to you than before ;-0). Stanchion Base attaches to Toerail with (2) 1/4" FH screws on 2 7/16" centers, Free shipping for many products! Beneteau - Sailboat Data, Parts & Rigging | MAURIPRO Sailing 0 Your cart is currently empty. Hey guys thank you so much for your insight on past questions! Fixing size: M6 or a No:12 Countersunk. Subscribed, because the life line stanchions on the 210 let water inside once they are wobbly enough. If you are just too bothered to handle it yourself (I dont blame you), then hire someone to do it for you. Its just not a perfect design. Stanchion base for Beneteau 24 - help please? Strictly Necessary Cookie should be enabled at all times so that we can save your preferences for cookie settings. The danish dealer has just started and can not help me. My local Jeanneau dealer has pretty crappy parts support. Stanchions are made from 25mm OD (.984") . I know, I one likes to deal with these pesky stanchion bases, they are so damn hard to reach, sometimes seemingly impossible. Height 60mm. 6 Vertical Mount Stanchion Bases. This yacht will be available by the end of October 2023. We use and recommendBoat Lifeor 3M UV 4000 to seal up your boats stanchion bases. Call us today and let us know how we can help with your next project.

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