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Fortunate me I discovered your site by chance, and I am stunned why this accident did not came about in advance!I bookmarked it. I know you arent talking to me.if you are you got some serious anger issues.GET OVER IT ALREADY!!!! April 25, 2013 at 7:52 PM "Some of you only want to say some crap about Mexican culture and music.A lot of Americans jock/worship black/Afro culture "Oh shit,here's the closet racist back again.Now he whining about black and white?Ever heard of an opinion?I don't like you.Just an opinon?Not based on race,based on your a bitter racist bitch.Oh no,your not being racist are you?How predictable was this?Culture,culture,culture,fuck culture you crank. Sounds like he did someone wrong. glorify the parts of the lifestyle and live in texas and instead of mexico to avoid being deep inside it. Beto Quintanilla was originally from General Tern, a small town in Nuevo Len. Authorities are investigating the shooting death of narcocorrido singer whose body was found in an orchard north of Mission. 14.81 MB. ESCUCHAR PREVIA. Mier in ""Mexico""? Video de TikTok de Jenifer Rivera (@jeniferrivera04): #beto_quintanilla #alucin.Mi mam; esas canciones no son para una nia | Yo en mi cuarto bien alucin sonido original - Jenifer Rivera. Jess "Chuy" Quintanilla might not have been a widely know narrative of the narco corrido, nevertheless, when you play with fire you might get burned. Deputies believe that Quintanilla was killed in the orchard A lot of Americans jock/worship black/Afro culture - basketball, hip-hop/rap-crap, obama but always talk crap about Mexican music, sports, etc. Obviously so many Americans don't have good taste anyway, so they wouldn't recognize good music when they hear it anyway. I agree. That's the reason the authorities are saying that members of Kombo Kolombia were executed. Even though he had no sound experience in the music industry he exerted a lot of effort which produced results within a short time. En los E.U los rapperos cantan de matar, robar y chingaderas relacionada y el crimen violento tiene aos que ha bajado estupido, asi que mejor hechate otro cuento haber a quien chingados le puedes hachar la culpa..Y Viva Los Corridos!!!! and left to die next to the singer's SUV. your argument is irrelevant. Las guilas Andan Solas Beto Quintanilla, "El Len del Corrido falleci de un paro cardaco en la ciudad de Reynosa, Tamaulipas. he only sang bout the real true narcos who would only kill those that had to be killed, when Zetas where actually someone ppl would look up to, people of honor is what he sang bout so people please dont start with talking bad bout him because this website decides to put him as a "narco singer", To the commenter that said he is a Zetas singer also, I could not find recent Z songs. These songs remain concert and studio standards for bands that play corridos. 13 Yeah he definitely sucked as a singer. the target was placed on his head when he started making songs for the Z. after that everyone stayed away from his music. April 26, 2013 at 12:30 AM "Mission area motel with an 8 ball n a guera prostitute till about 12 midnight.afterwards it was agarrar"Hey bro,you gonna get people coming at you greasy saying that.He liked the white girls?Why not,we all like a bit of strange,,was he bangin 8 balls?He was a goer wasnt he,how old was he bro,any idea? a tan Chevrolet Tahoe. Saw him at his dances or in public this man never had a cigarette, puro or any alcohol beverage in his hand. He sang directly to the cheerleaders, and may he roast for eternity! Luego estars en nuestro paste donde se encontrar el enlace . He looks like a caricature of himself and the life style; no different than a silly-looking blinged-out, baggy-pant black rapper or a tattooed Justin Bieber trying to look tuff and not gay, or typical Nashville hickiod hat-act trying to make us think he rides bulls. Chivis, why do you have a Rental World commercial on this post?? Its enough money to go around. Colocar Titulo del Tema + Link Youtube Beto Quintanilla never had any formal music training, although he frequently composed songs and poems as a child. Full name: Norberto Quintanilla Iracheta The ex-wife of narcocorrido singer Beto Quintanilla, Blanca Alicia and her son were shot by gunmen in Reynosa, Tamaulipas. It takes no talent to sing about the drug lifestyle. Bio, Wife, Net Worth, Where Is He Today? Dont bother. Christians are the biggest Hippocrates. BETO QUINTANILLA Juan Guerrero Lyrics Por esta esquina yo le dije a mi prietita Que si me amaba que me diera su retrato Ella me dijo para que si te amo tanto Solo la muerte nos podra separar Nos abrazamos y al llegar a los portales Cuando de pronto se escucharon 6 balazos Sus familiares la mataron en mis brazos Right now it has been quiet with the news surrounding the Panama Unit because more arrest are coming. Maybe a chicano (mexicanmafia) order his death because they dont like people from tamaulipas. I wear combat boots, but I'm from Brownsville, TX, are you from Cd. He was a US citizen and was killed in this country. 1.9K Likes, TikTok video from Vieja Escuela (@viejaescuelamx): "Mi Ultimo Contrabando - Beto Quintanilla #betoquintanilla #rancho #caballos #caballosbailadores #zacatecas #sinaloa #corridos #norteas #jalisco #michoacan #musica #regionalmexicano #chalino #mexico #mexicanmusic #fyp #fyp #memes #mexicanmemes #banda #huapango #sierreo #sierreomusic #tejano #tejanomusic #charros #charro # . Similar as that rap music which glorifies the same- no talent"Your talking bullshit,let me see you rap on top a beat and make it sound good?Let me hear you freestyle off the top of your head.RAP is the biggest genre right now.Everyone else is wrong but you?Just tastes and preferences,but saying they have no talent?Your missing out on all that good shit. While many had speculated that the Mexican-born was assassinated, it turned out to be a mere rumor as his wife cleared the air. I am concerned for his and his family's safety. "Hey! The artist was born in the late 40s and after a musical career of over 25 years, he suddenly lost his life. anybody who bad mouths it. Song: Beto Quintanilla, El rojo Letra. Instagram de contacto promotor : Contacto beto quintanilla - mi ultimo contrabando - YouTube Music. Born 23 May 1948 Born In General Tern, Nuevo Len, Mexico Died 18 March 2007 (aged 58) Beto Quintanilla was born Norberto Quintanilla Iracheta in Nuevo Leon, Mexico. 3:22. Y a manera de homenaje, en otro . Although he had always written poetry and songs, musical instruments and musical training were scarce, and he knew few musicians. POR ARRASTRADOS. I live in Texas, U.S.A., and I dont worship black culture. During the artists life on earth, he had over 20 albums to his name. Peace-. Reproducir. There are a lot of old fat American punks and bitches wearing pointy cowboy boots and they look stupid as he'll, may be that you like your big ass cuban pimp wearing pink Nike Air tennis shoes? TikTok. I hate rap crap music.that doesnt mean that the rappers should get shot and killed.we are all human beings lets behave as such.everyone has their own likes and dislikes.we are in the great united states of amerca where we all have freedom of it music or poetry. Here in Texas we say, you mess with the bull you get the horns. 3. Norberto "Beto" Quintanilla Iracheta was born in Nuevo Leon, Mexico. LET THE GUY REST IN PEACE ALREADY!!! But in order for you to get that money you have to start from somewhere and they obviously did. Quintanilla recorded mostly narcocorridos, many of which he composed. Acerca de Sala de prensa Contactos Vacantes ByteDance. I'm guessing with the Zetas fall of power lately Mr Quintanilla security was not as great as previous years. Investigators are taking tire prints in the area to get an That "accordian music" as you call it is the s*%#! 1 by Beto Quintanilla 5.0 (3) MP3 Music Listen with Music Unlimited Or $8.99 to buy MP3 Other format: Audio CD La Ejecucion de Juan by Quintanilla, Beto "he must of been so happy when his heroes were shooting him to death" - LOL good one! Quintanilla, known for an arsenal of daring corridos musical stories . You think like that because you are deeply in love with some famous child molester music. From what I understand, the beef between the two camps goes back to the early 80's, when the first instances started to occur of Mariachi groups losing gigs in restaurants and clubs in the Los Angeles area. "SPOT ON! La telerrealidad en Per corresponde aquellos programas televisivos de su gnero emitidos en territorio peruano en que participan personajes reales. Quintanillas life before fame revolved around the cattle ranch and other menial jobs. Two brothers have been arrested for beating their stepfather to death after he allegedly abused their half-sister, police believe. He is dead because of his bullshit, he played with fire and was burn. Now that Im a man, I have put away childish things. There is no future in that lifestyle; its destroying our people and our nation. It was actually a Ford Expedition, not a Tahoe. My family it's hard working. educated and we're a military family. Y tu quien chingados eres?!!! POR OIR ESTAS BUENAS NOTICIAS". Havin never touched mex soil , or even held a gun in their hands they buy this junk music and get hyped up . He was 57 years old. but any way RIP Chuy now u up their with your brother Beto Quintanilla, Rappers havent sang the truth about things since tupac shakur, tanto chuy como beto tenian su estilo peculiar pa cantar asi como ahora lo tiene Gerardo Ortiz y larry hernandez q ya hasta chelelio con la nueva rola q trai asi como no hay dedos iguales tampoco hay estados iguales y menos toda una multitud de gente q apoye a un solo genero d musica banda mariachi huasteca saxofon duranguense corrido alterado corrido norteno trival cumbia o sea q pa todos hay mas el hecho d q no t guste esto o lo otro no t da el derecho d osiconear a lo pendejo y a ofender gente. April 26, 2013 at 9:55 AM "We Mexican-Americans are sports fans and will cheer for athletes regardless of race"Greetings to you brother,you said it better than me and with more worth because i am the hated white gringo.I wish more had the common sense that you obviously show here.I wish more people had your outlook.Saludos to you. Spouse: Blanca Alicia Reyes (m. ?2007) Worth checking out. exploits of Gulf Cartel leaders. Hey punk! People like u ruin sitex like these with ur bullshit n ur lies, Corridos by Beto Quintanilla Corrido de los Zetas #garbage all Cartels..we just want peace in Mexico & USAWhite Lobster. Narco corridos usually has to do with honor, sacrifice, humility (regalo caro for example). He was a Zeta singer.glad they took another piece of shit of the streets White Lobster. In the current climate of caution, Chuy belts out corridos other artists wouldn't whisper. Young Beto left school after only a year of secondary education in order to work alongside his father. Mackenzie Hancsicsak: 10 Unknown Facts About The Actress, Leslie Aday was Married to Meatloaf: 7 Unknown Facts About Her, Kali Woodruff Carr: 7 Fascinating Facts About The Wife Of Jesse Spencer, Darryl Baum: Facts About Mike Tysons Guard Who Shot 50 Cent, Ch Avery- Shocking True Story Of Lloyd Avery IIs Brother, 30 Best Fuck You Songs For Very Difficult Moments, Blade Icewood- His Life And Tragic Death- 7 Facts About Him, Demri Parrotts Death, Mystery About Her Life And Layne Staley, Who Is Cathie Jung?10 Facts About Woman With Worlds Tiniest Waist, Karla Knafel Is Michael Jordans Ex: 10 Unknown Facts, Cactus Moser Inside His Marriage to Wynonna Judd, Net Worth, 5 Facts. Some years later, in order to provide for his large family, Beto relocated to Reynosa, Tamaulipas, to work with his uncle on a cattle ranch. He was a popular narco corrido singer with a unique scratchy voice. The artist began to make waves in 1976 after songs like Pancho la Sota, La Panel Caf, and El Quemador became big hits. It all happened at a grapefruit orchard off Bryan Road north of FM 1925 at 6:15 a.m. Thursday. May he R.I.P., my condolences to his family. He was known as "El Mero Len del Corrido" (The Lion of the Corrido). You forgot Rigo Tovar,pedaso de mierda!!!! I replayed the video about 5 times to see if maybe I clicked the wrong thing lol, you confused the hell out of me good one! Last Updated on May 30, 2022 by Stephanie, A Look at His Biography and Life Before Fame, Sherry Shriner Her Life, Death, Conspiracies, Controversies, Other Quick Facts, Paquito Guzmn 10 Facts Worth Knowing About The Great Vocalist, Who Is Alaya High And How Old Is She? PARA MAYOR CALIDAD EN EL AUDIO USA EL ENLACE DE DESCARGA Canal Principal SUSCRIBETE . A narco is a person who's guilty of a crime that you or I can't ascertain. Blanca Alicia and her son, the singer Beto Quintanilla Jr. Quintanilla recorded mostly narcocorridos, many of which he composed. He lived in Texas because he was an American citizen. What does wearing pointy boots have to do with someones life being taken in that manner? Iniciar sesin. Both of those songs have almost identical beats and lyrics. Oh yeah i googled willie nelson,yup,,,hes an old fart who wears Mexican pointy ass boots,like all you old fools.What the fuck are all you old farts defending Mexican pointy boots for?Are you people trippin out or what?White,black,brown,when somethings shit and not cool,you clowns should know it?You gots to be old farts who wear pointy boots.Do you know we got a game,anyone wearing that shit gets bricks threw at him.Mexican pointy boots are good for throwin bricks at,by the way wheres the picture of you with nickers on your head? The mexican mafia eme kills chuy because he is brother of Beto. Contract killings with The MExican Mafia Eme around $5000, Im the exwife of Quintanilla and i think it was the mexican mafia eme who kills my husband, I really dont listen to these so called corridos,but to each his need to be vulgar and disrespect chuy are hurting his family by youre stupidity and or my opinion rap music is real crap,to began with all these punk ass second generation wetbacks think that wearing their pants hanging off their asses looks cool.well they look like they got their clothes from a donation box.also that rapping crap royally me all black and white rappers look like clowns and or monkeys,the way they move around.why would anybody want to listen to that.especially these little wanna be' all will be deaf eventually from listening to that garbage.vivan los corridos de la revolution.y no la basura que tocan ahora. Quintanilla wrote and performed a substantial number of songs, well over 100, but due to all the album releases, some of his songs appear on two, three or four albums, making his discography much larger than the body of work behind it. He was a drunk and a drug user, not to mention he will befriend narcos. In 2006, Beto recorded an album with his look-alike and sound-alike brother, Jesus "Chuy" Quintanilla, called "Frente A Frente" . Biography Norberto "Beto" Quintanilla Iracheta was born in Nuevo Leon, Mexico. Nobody is stating the fact that this murder was done here on US soil. Duracin. Yours ? no amount of money is worth dying for since its guaranteed when dealing wih the letra. Acerca de Sala de prensa Contactos Vacantes ByteDance. Descargar musica de bud spencer amp terence hill lalalalalala hig Mp3, descargar musica mp3 Escuchar y Descargar canciones. This happened in America! i guess that is so you can't get the old wife and 18 year old son to buy with you. Beto Quintanilla lost his life on the 18th of March 2007 as a result of a heart attack. He wasn't talented his music was garbage. Knowing very well what he was gettin n2. He began by writing songs for them until he eventually met music producer Ruben Polanco, who encouraged Beto to professionally write songs. Beto Quintanilla - MIX 35 Corridos Pesados (Perrones) Vol.1 Descargar travis scott ft nav beibs in the trap slowed MP3 en alta calidad (HD) 20 resultados, lo nuevo de sus canciones y videos que estan de moda este , bajar musica de travis scott ft nav beibs in the trap slowed en diferentes formatos de audio mp3 y video disponibles; travis scott ft nav beibs in the trap slowed travis scott & nav - beibs in the trapslowed + reverb - . Plus 2 more in Morelia. Cuentas recomendadas. A young hepless male sits inside a vehicle su "Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat Ex-con and comedian Johnny Mitchell explains what it's really like to sell weed for the Mex "HEARST" for Borderland Beat In a confusing early morning event, Army soldiers shot five men dead in the border city of Nuevo Lare "Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat In the municipality of Matamoros, the Grupo Escorpin, a faction of the Gulf Cartel, shows off "HEARST" for Borderland Beat The Attorney General announced that El Mayos Tijuana lieutenant, El Aquiles, organized the street e Blog dedicated to reporting on Mexican drug cartels. Chuy Quintanilla's musical career spanned decades and included singing "corridos" or "musical narratives" describing the exploits of Gulf Cartel leaders. Beto Quintanilla was born in Nuevo Leon but relocated to Reynosa, Tamaulipas in search of a better life His memory lives on as a Mexican singer known for Corrido Latin Pop among other genres He reportedly died of a heart attack in March 2007 at the age of 58 @ Dos Fronteras, I think he only made songs for the zetas before they split from CDG? Descargar esta voz es para siempre diomedes diaz letra MP3 en alta calidad (HD) 20 resultados, lo nuevo de sus canciones y videos que estan de moda este , bajar musica de esta voz es para siempre diomedes diaz letra en diferentes formatos de audio mp3 y video . Apparently Quintanilla initially objected that he did not know how to sing and felt out of place when he sang. @9:49PMNot too much, either 4 narcos killed and one element of federal police or 3 narcos and 1 element. Online from 09:00 - 18:00 GMT-5 Gianna Karina M. OnlyOne Midis INC . PARA MAYOR CALIDAD EN EL AUDIO USA EL ENLACE DE DESCARGACanal Principal SUSCRIBETE Canal De Msica SUSCRBETE EN :SoundCloud DE DESCARGA: :\u0026utm_content=40v7mo5Facebook : Los derechos de autor reservados a su respectivo dueo gracias. El Rojo Beto Quintanilla View All Credits 1 El Rojo Lyrics Si me oyen hablar del rojo Yo no hablar de colores Hablo de un hombre valiente De all de ejido las flores Mero ocampo tamaulipas. Beto Quintanilla - 20 De Sus Mejores Corrridos Antao Mix 2018 - YouTube 0:02 / 1:10:18 Beto Quintanilla - 20 De Sus Mejores Corrridos Antao Mix 2018 Canal De Christian Blessing 269K. Eh dicho?!!! Age: 59 years old Salsa - Midi File (OnlyOne) Support Ana Maria G. OnlyOne Midis INC Support. "Sol Prendido" and "HEARST" for Borderland Beat In Colima, a video shows CJNG hitmen interrogating a CDS member who alle "Ivan" for Borderland Beat Guano Guzman & Seor Guzman News started to emerge on Friday, February 24, 2023 that a joint fede "Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat The aftermath of an armed attack comes into view. 87th infantry division museum, george waddell narrator,

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